Our Story

  • The cafe started late 2019 when we saw a potential business idea. We used to go to a local bagel shop but it didn’t quite hit the spot. We wanted to go somewhere which had amazing coffee and somewhere which used fresh local ingredients.

    We both had experience in hospitality and Ben was a tradie so he helped with the development of building the cafe.In such a small cafe it was a a struggle with all the equipment to make it functional but over time we’ve just adapted.

    We were out on our travels when we came across the Woolshed coffee bean which we fell in love with. We focus on using fresh ingredients with minimal waste with coffee grounds being sent back to woolshed to be recycled as fertiliser.We are a small but cosy space and love being part of this ever growing Melbourne coffee and bagel culture.

    The journey has been amazing so far and we can not wait for what’s to come!


“What a gem! Really. Great people, incredible coffee and even better bagels. My go-to bagel place from now on!”

Noa Levanon

“Love the ambiance and friendly staff coupled with the delicious delicacies and amazing coffee”

Abhishek Joshi

After many trips to The Bagel House I could not leave a review. The staff are absolutely lovely and really go out of their way to make it a nice experience, the quality of the bagels are second to none and the set up of the store is beautifully done. I look forward to coming in every time I come. Keep up the good work!

Chelsea Porter