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A few words about us..

The Bagel house opened its doors in November 2019. Four months before the pandemic. It has been an interesting journey but we believe if you want something so bad, you will get it. We wanted a good product, good service and happy customers.

We have massive love for coffee and it took us a long time to choose which supplier we would use. After visiting many cafes around Melbourne it was actually in Queenscliff where we fell in love with the Woolshed blend. It’s originally from Geelong and we are so happy we brought it to Melbourne so we can share it with you.

We have a shared love for bagels but know they need to be something special to compete in Melbournes ever growing food culture. Our desire was to have healthy bagels, but most of all we wanted to use fresh ingredients. We started off with a few classics recipes then we used our imagination and hand crafted some of our own ideas. Now we just bounce new recipes off each other and if they taste good.. well they usually end up on the menu!

At the Bagel House we aim to give the customers the best experience! We provide a range bagels which include plain, sesame, poppyseed, rye and finally Our most popular bagel ‘The everything’ bagel! Incorporated in the bagels are a variety of filling which change on a regular basis.

We also have a range of fresh juices and smoothies available.

Our healthy and nutritious food menu changes regularly and we do our best to use local ingredients.