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Woolshed Coffee Roasters had humble beginnings in a woolshed in rural Australia. Symbolic of the golden era when Australia rode on the sheep’s back, Woolshed Coffee is an exclusive but authentically Australian brand - genuine to its core.

Woolshed Coffee Roasters only use graded coffee with a score over 80, meaning all our coffee qualifies as being Specialty Grade. Quality is of utmost importance when roasting great tasting single origins and blends; and our guarantee to you is that we only use the best ram from the top paddock. We don’t pull the wool over anyone's eyes!


We have a range of bagels on offer with something sweet or savoury to suit your needs. Our breakfast and lunch bagels are all freshly made to order.
Using only the highest quality Australian flours and local and imported ingredients, our bagels undergo an innovative 18-hour process which both boils and bakes them to the perfect consistency.